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Principal   Ms Prisca MacDonald

Deputy Principal   Mr Keith Rickard

Deputy Principal   Mrs Emma Stylianidis   

Executive Officer   Ms Carol Walter

School Administrator   Mrs Coralee Grantham

Sports/Administration Assistant   Mrs Robyn Appleby



Room 1 / Syndicate Leader   Mr Iain Westphall

Room 1   Mrs Jane Hannah

Room 2   Miss Kathy Holyoake

Room 17  Miss Emma Jonathan

Room 8   Miss Sophia Jasinski 

Room 7   Miss Laura Bell

Raukawa Moana

Room 5 / Syndicate Leader   Mrs Alison Hayes

Room 3   Mrs Libby Hainsworth 

Room 4   Mr Alex Abernethy 

Room 6  Mr Edward Seiuli


Room 10 / Syndicate Leader   Ms Lia Mapa

Room 11 Mr Connor Harrison

Room 12  Ms Rachael Bolger

Room 9  Mr Shaun Blake


Room 13 / Syndicate Leader  Mr Max Honey

Room 14  Mr Matthew Kelly

Room 15   Miss Shani Luxford 

Room 16   Mr Sam Wiltshire

Specialist Team

Makerspace/Syndicate leader Miss Tessa Fitzgibbon

Hauora Mr Jimmy O'Carroll

Digital Technology Mr Clark Williams

Foods   Mr Evan Skipworth

Art   Mrs Linda Lewry


Support Staff

ORS   Miss Gemma Goldfinch

Feuerstein   Ms Jo Keats

Feuerstein   Ms Hayley Gotlieb

Teacher Aide   Ms Liana Wakely

Teacher Aide   Ms Alena Hopper

Teacher Aide    Mr Josh Whiu

Teacher Aide    Ms Jessica Wairau

Teacher Aide     Mrs Gabrielle Barber 

Teacher Aide   Mrs Lydia Middlemiss

Teacher Aide   Ms Haley Miners

Caretaker   Mr Lee Lawson

Librarian   Mrs Emily Montgomery

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